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Searching with Curiosity

How to search with Curiosity

Curiosity gives you one search for all your folders and apps.

To learn how to connect folders and apps to Curiosity, check the user guide section on connecting apps.

Curiosity lets you search in two ways:
Open the Command Bar from anywhere for quick searches
Open the File Browser for deeper searches with filters and previews

Search with the Command Bar

The Command bar gives you a quick way of searching that you can call up from anywhere.

To search with Curiosity using the Command Bar:
Make sure Curiosity is running (icon is in your taskbar or tray)
Press Alt + Space (Windows) or ⌥ + Space (Mac) to open the Command Bar
Type your search keyword(s)

As you start typing, you will see top search results and filters appear in the dropdown.

To open a result directly from the Command Bar:
Use the up/down arrow keys to navigate there
Press Enter to open the result
Press Tab for additional options (open in file browser, etc.)

For more results using the App:
Click on Search for [keyword] shown directly under the search bar
Or hit Shift + Enter

To learn how to filter your results, check this help article.
To combine search keywords, read more here.

For your first search, it might take a while to see the results if the app is still indexing everything. After initial indexing, search becomes a breeze. 😸

Search with the File Browser

The File Browser is intended for deeper searches and for interacting with things like emails and contacts.

To search with the Curiosity File Browser:
Open the Curiosity App by clicking on the Curiosity icon
You can also open the File Browser by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Space (Windows) or ⌥ + ⌘ + Space (Mac)
Click on Search in the left bar and click on the search bar at the top of the app
Type your search keyword(s) and hit Enter

Your results will be shown in the File Browser.

To use a result:
Click on the result to open it
Right-click for options (or hover with the mouse and press Tab)

To learn how to filter your results, check this help article.
To combine search keywords, read more here.

🚨 For your first time using Curiosity, you might see some high RAM usage after connecting your apps. This is normal because the app has to download all your data and index it locally. This will vary greatly depending on the amount of data you have. RAM usage should drop to basically zero after initial indexing.

💡 You can schedule indexing times to avoid slowing down during working hours. Learn how to do this here.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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