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Hiding items from Search

Why hide an item in Curiosity

Curiosity lets you hide things you don't want to see in the app. That could be because they're confidential or not interesting.

You can hide files, messages, contacts, clipboard entries and more - any search result in Curiosity.

How to hide an item in Curiosity?

To hide something in Curiosity
Select a result by hovering over it with the mouse or selecting it using the arrow keys
Right-click with the mouse or press Tab
From the the popup menu select Hide

The item will disappear and will not be shown again.

How to unhide hidden items in Curiosity

To unhide something in Curiosity
In the bottom of the left menu, click on Preferences (⚙️)
Scroll down to the section Data
Next to Hidden items click the button Manage to see a list of hidden items
Click the x next to an item to unhide it
Click the x in the top right of the box to close the window (no need to save)

Your items will now appear in the app again.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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