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How to combine search keywords

Why combine keywords in Curiosity

Combining keywords in the search bar lets you narrow down your search results.

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How to combine keywords in Curiosity?

Combining keywords (AND)
Use the ampersand symbol & or the keyword AND to search only for results that include both keywords. If you don't type keywords, Curiosity defaults to combining your search terms with AND.
Example: marketing AND plan will find results that include both keywords.

Alternative search terms (OR)
Use the pipe symbol | or the keyword OR to match either keyword. Results with both keywords will be ranked higher.
Example: marketing OR plan will find results that include either keyword.

Excluding keywords (NOT)
Use an exclamation mark ! or the keyword NOT to exclude results that include the keyword.
Example: financial NOT investors will find results with financial but exclude ones with investors.

Exact matches ("")
Put search terms in quotes "" to find an exact match. Exact matches only returns hits when the search term exactly matches the term in quotes.
Example: "budget plan" will return results with budget plan but not budgeting plan or budget planning.

Partial matches ()
Put search terms in asterisks ** to find a partial match. Partial matches are hits where the search term is only part of the word in the result. Curiosity returns partial matches by default if the partial search term matches the beginning of a word in the result (not in the middle or at the end).
Example: 904213 will not find a result with +49-89-90421303, but a search for *904213* will find it because it includes partial matches.

Grouping keywords
Group keywords with parentheses () to do more complex searches (go wild 👹 ). If you find yourself doing combinations of keywords, consider using filters as well.
Example: financial AND investor NOT ("SERIES B" OR "SERIES C")

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Updated on: 26/10/2023

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