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How to search in images, audio, and video

Why search in images, audio and video with Curiosity?

Curiosity lets you search text inside images, photos, and scans (including PDFs where you can't select the text). That means you can search for the text in the file and don't need to remember the file name.

You can also search in audio files and video. Curiosity even lets you jump to the right place in the video file.

Learn which types of files are supported here.

🪪 This feature requires a Curiosity Pro subscription

Curiosity does not include object recognition, e.g. you can't search for "dog" to find an image of a dog, only files that have that word in the file name or as text in the image.

How to search in images, scans, and video with Curiosity

To activate search in these file types:
In the left bar, click on the cog (⚙️) to open Preferences
Open the section File Types in the left bar
Images: Go to Image to Text and select Use OCR to detect text in images and scanned PDFs from the dropdown list
Audio/video: Go to Speech to Text and select which STT model you'd like to use from the dropdown list (the recommended default is fine)

In the desktop app, Curiosity uses the optical character recognition (OCR) provided by your operating system (Windows or Mac). Results may differ depending on which OS you use and which languages you have installed.

💡Curiosity indexes files up to 250 MB in size, with a few exceptions. For locally stored videos, audio, and zip files, the limit is 25 GB. For apps, the limit is 5 GB.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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