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How to recreate indexes

What is a search index?

An index is what allows Curiosity to find files and messages. It's the basis of the search app.

Curiosity has the following indexes, which you can re-create in case of any issue:

Search Indexes (files, folders, messages)
Installed apps (e.g. to open PowerPoint or Slack)
Filters (the filters you use to narrow down your search results)
Commands (e.g. "shut down computer" or "new document")
Missing Previews

💡 If you're not seeing a search result you'd expect, re-creating the Search Indexes can sometimes help.

How to re-create an index

To re-create an index:
In the left bar, click the cog (⚙️) icon for Preferences
Scroll down to the section Troubleshooting in the left sidebar
Click the 🔄 button next to the index you'd like to recreate
Confirm you want to re-create the index

The app will re-create the index. You can continue to use the app and let the reindexing run in the background.

💡 Re-creating Search Indexes can take some time if you have lots of files. See our user guide on how to schedule and change indexing speed.

⚠️ When re-creating Search Indexes, search results will be incomplete until reindexing is finished.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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