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Help, I can't find something!

If you can't find what you're looking for, try the following steps:

Make sure it's in the app

Check if you connected that source
Check if you're filtering results

Make sure the file has been indexed

Until indexing is finished, results may be incomplete
Check the indexing status: When indexing is in process, there'll be a ⏸ (Pause) icon on the left menu next to the ⚙️(Cog) Icon.
You can also check your indexing status under Preferences, File Scheduling and Queue. When indexing is complete, the Queue will show Idle.
Check if the file type is supported and enabled (user guide)
Check if the language you're searching for is supported and activated (user guide)

If you're looking for text inside a file, make sure the contents have been indexed

Check if you have the right license: The free version of Curiosity only indexes file names for most file types
Check if Curiosity supports searching in file contents for that file type (user guide)
If you're searching in scans or images, check that OCR is turned on (user guide) and enabled for your language

Try recreating search indexes

If you're not seeing a search result, recreating the search index can sometimes help (user guide)

Make sure you have the latest app version

Go to Preferences and select the section About. Click the blue button to Check for updates.
For more ways to update your app, check this help guide.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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