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Outlook archive (PST)

Why connect an Outlook Archive (PST file) to Curiosity?

Outlook archives (PST files) are a useful way to save contacts, calendars, and emails for old accounts. However, they can be hard to open and search.

Connecting a PST file with Curiosity lets you:
View the emails / contacts / calendar without needing to import in Outlook
Use the PST file on Mac without converting it to a different format
Search the PST file contents with the same search you use for everything else

🪪 This feature requires a Curiosity Pro license.

How to connect an Outlook Archive (PST file) to Curiosity?

⚠️ If you connect a folder that contains a PST file, that file will not be searchable. You need to connect the individual file(s) using the steps below.

To connect an Outlook Archive (PST file) to Curiosity:
In the left bar, hover over Apps and click the + symbol (Connect new apps)
In the list of apps, find Outlook Archive and click Configure
Click Select File, use the file explorer to find your PST file
Click on your PST file and click Close

Your archive will appear on the app. You can now search and open emails and attachments.
Please note it may take a while for your computer to index everything.

🔐 All your data stays on your computer. We never see, copy or store your data. Learn more about data security and privacy here.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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