What is Full Disk Access on Mac?

If you are running macOS Mojave (10.14) or above, you need to enable Full Disk Access on your Mac to ensure Curiosity works correctly.

Full Disk Access permission management is a macOS privacy feature that prevents apps from accessing important data including email, messages, and safari files. That means you have to manually grant Curiosity permission to access these protected areas of your Mac.

As always, Curiosity keeps your data safe on your computer. We never see, store or copy any of your data.

How to Enable Full Disk Access for Curiosity

Follow the gif or steps below to enable Full Disk Access for Curiosity on your Mac:
Open System Preferences on your Mac and go to Security & Privacy
Select the Privacy tab
From the left menu, select Full Disk Access, then click the 🔒 icon in the lower left
Enter your macOS password and click Unlock
In the list of applications, check the box next to Curiosity
If prompted, click Quit Now
Restart Curiosity

Curiosity now has Full Disk Access to search your Mac.

How to enable full disk access to Curiosity

🔐 Your data stays on your computer. We never see, copy or store your data. Learn more about data security and privacy here.
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