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Other email providers (IMAP)

Why connect your email account to Curiosity?

Connecting your email account to Curiosity lets you:​
Search all your email, attachments and contacts in one place
Search email from anywhere with the Alt+Space shortcut
Combine several email accounts in one place

How to connect an email account using IMAP

To connect your IMAP email with Curiosity:
In the left bar, hover over Apps and click the + button
In the list of apps to connect, find Email and click Connect
In the browser window, enter your provider's host address and port (list of information for popular email providers)
Click Allow

Your email account will appear under Mail and your emails will be searchable.


You can connect as many email accounts to Curiosity as you like, within your plan limit. Simply connect each one as a new app.

💡 Some email providers require you to enable IMAP for your account before using it.

💡 Some email providers require you to generate an app-specific password for Curiosity (not your normal password).

⚠️ Unfortunately, Yahoo! Mail requires an app-specific password but their feature for generating one is broken and there is no ETA for a fix.

🔐 Your computer communicates directly with your email provider to download your data. We never see, copy or store your data. Learn more about data security and privacy here.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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