Why connect your browser to Curiosity

Connecting your browser to Curiosity lets you:
Easily search your bookmarks and browsing history
Instantly find and open websites from the command bar
Search bookmarks across several browsers

Which browsers does Curiosity support

Curiosity currently supports the following browsers:

How to connect your browser to Curiosity
In the left bar, hover over Apps and click + (Connect more apps)
In the list of apps, find your browser and click Connect

Your browser will appear as an App. Your bookmarks and browser history will appear as results in Curiosity.

You can filter your results for URLs using the filter keyword Links
Under Apps you will only see browsers you have installed on your computer.
If you have more than one profile in a browser, Curiosity will import your links and bookmarks for each of them.

🔐 Your browser history and bookmarks always stay on your computer. We never see, copy or store your data. Learn more about data security and privacy on our website.
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