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Why connect OneDrive to Curiosity?

Connecting your OneDrive to Curiosity lets you:​
Get one search across OneDrive, emails and other apps in one place
Search OneDrive using the Alt+Space shortcut
Save things from OneDrive and other places for later using Spaces

How to connect OneDrive

To connect your OneDrive with Curiosity:
In the left bar, hover over Apps and click the + button
In the list of apps to connect, find OneDrive and click connect
In the browser window that opens, log into your OneDrive account
Click Allow

OneDrive will appear under Apps and your files will be searchable.


If you have synced OneDrive to a local folder on your computer and that folder is also connected to Curiosity, you may see the files there twice. You can change that by disconnecting one of the two sources.

💡 To connect a company OneDrive you may need to contact your IT administrator.

🔐 Your computer communicates directly with Microsoft to download your data. We never see, copy or store your data. Learn more about data security and privacy here.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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