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Integrations with Website Searches (Google, Maps, etc.)

Integrations with Website Searches (Google, Maps, etc.)

What are Website Searches in Curiosity?

Using Curiosity's Command Bar to Search Online

Curiosity's Command Bar isn't just for finding files and applications on your device; it's also your gateway to the internet. Utilize this singular search bar to navigate both your personal content and the vast resources available online.

When you conduct an online search, the Command Bar can connect you with various external websites, including search engines like Google or Bing, map services, and more. Check out the complete lineup of our website search integrations further down on this page.

Please note that when you initiate a web search, Curiosity directs your query to the selected external website. That will open a new browser window where you'll see the results displayed on that website's page. It's important to remember that in these instances, the external site is handling your search, not Curiosity itself. So, if you search using Google through our app, all the search results you see are provided directly by Google.

Why use Website Searches in Curiosity?

Efficiency: Do various types of searches from a single app, saving you time and simplifying your workflow
Simplicity: No need to switch between apps or browser tabs; enjoy a straightforward search experience with Curiosity

How do I connect and use a website search in Curiosity?

To connect a website search "app" to Curiosity:
In the left sidebar, hover over Apps and click the + icon ("Connect more apps")
In the list of apps, scroll down to the the one you want to connect (or find it using the search bar)
Click on the app to connect it

To search using a website search:
Open the Command Bar (Alt + Space or ⌥ + Space)
Type "Search" and the name of the app
When the filter with the website appears, hit Tab to select it (it should appear in the beginning of the search bar)
Type your search terms and hit Enter

Which Integrations are Available?

There are lots of website search integrations available. Let us know if you're missing any!

🔍 Search Engines
Google Search
Bing Search
Yahoo! Search

📍 Maps
Google Maps
Bing Maps
Here Maps

📱 Social Media
Hacker News

📚 Reference Websites
Stack Overflow
Wolfram Alpha

📖 Scientific Papers
Microsoft Academic
Semantic Scholar
Google Scholar

🖼️ Image Websites

🎭 Other Websites

💻 Local datasets
Unlike the other website searches, these search local data sources that are downloaded with the app.
Emojis (a local set of emojis)

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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