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Reply to or forward an email message with Curiosity

Take action on your emails with Curiosity

Finding emails is nice, answering them is better. Curiosity has action buttons for you to reply to an email, forward it, archive, mark as read, delete it... anything you might need. This way you can get those emails off your to-do list even quicker.

💡 You can also access all email actions by pressing tab for the options menu.

Reply to or forward an email

To reply to an email with Curiosity or to forward it:
Open the email message within the app
The action buttons are displayed right above the email preview

Click on ⬅️ to Reply, ⏪ to Reply All or ➡️ to Forward (or scroll over the icons to find the action you want to take)
A new window will pop - type your message and hit send

💡 Auto-reply to an email: you can use the AI Assistant to magically write any reply to your emails. Learn more about this here.

Connect all of your accounts

If you have more than one email account, you might want to connect them all for optimal usage.

Here is how to connect email accounts according to your provider:

Outlook (O365)
Outlook Desktop
Outlook archive (PST)
Other email (IMAP)

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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