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Why use Contacts in Curiosity

Curiosity organises contacts from your emails and messengers into contacts: People and Organisations. That lets you view all files and communications with someone in one place.

💡 Check out our blog post about contacts to learn how contacts can help you find things quickly.

You can search for a contact to see resuts linked to them:
Chat messages

People and Organizations are linked via the email domain (e.g. That means you can search for an Organization and then look for People there.

Where do Contacts come from in Curiosity

Contacts in Curiosity come from sources you connect, specifically:
Chat messengers (e.g. Slack)
CRMs (e.g. Salesforce)

How to use Contacts in Curiosity

To use Contacts:
In the left bar, click on the arrow > next to `Contacts`-
Click on Organizations to see and search organizations, or People for people-
Click on contact to related results (files, emails, etc.)

You can also search for contacts using the Command Bar or File Browser:
Type @ to filter for people, or % to filter by organizations
Type the contact's name
Click on a contact to related results (files, emails, etc.)

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Updated on: 26/07/2023

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