Why use Contacts in Curiosity

Curiosity organises contacts from your emails and messengers into contacts: People and Organisations. That lets you view all files and communications with someone in one place.

💡 Check out our blog post about contacts to learn how contacts can help you find things quickly.

You can search for a contact to see resuts linked to them:
Chat messages

People and Organizations are linked via the email domain (e.g. xxx@acme-corp.eu). That means you can search for an Organization and then look for People there.

Where do Contacts come from in Curiosity

Contacts in Curiosity come from sources you connect, specifically:
Chat messengers (e.g. Slack)
CRMs (e.g. Salesforce)

How to use Contacts in Curiosity

To use Contacts:
In the left bar, click on the arrow > next to `Contacts`-
Click on Organizations to see and search organizations, or People for people-
Click on contact to related results (files, emails, etc.)

You can also search for contacts using the Command Bar or File Browser:
Type @ to filter for people, or % to filter by organizations
Type the contact's name
Click on a contact to related results (files, emails, etc.)
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