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How to get a student/educator discount

Does Curiosity offer discounts for students and educators?

We offer a 90% discount for students and educators. Yes, you read that right. 😉

How do I get the discount?

To get the discounted rates for students and educators:
Sign into the app using an email from your university / school - you will see a message that you're eligible to a discount
In the left menu click Upgrade to Pro and continue to checkout
Don't worry if you see the normal prices during the checkout process
On the page where you enter your credit card, you should see the discount: you can check it before finalizing the purchase

💳 The subscription period eligible for the student discount is calculated on a 6-months basis.

Help, I'm not seeing the discount message!

If you sign into the app and don't see the discount message:
Check you went all the way to the credit card page - the discount is only applied there (don't worry, we won't charge you before!)
Make sure you signed in with a university or school email account
If you used your educational email but you're still not seeing the discount message, please email us at using your educational email

Updated on: 08/12/2023

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