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How to delete your data and account from Curiosity

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How to delete your data in Curiosity

When you uninstall the app, the data in Curiosity is automatically deleted.

Note the app is installed locally on your computer and all your data stays there. We don't store your data on external systems.

If you enabled the AI assistant feature, your chats are stored by OpenAI for up to 30 days, in accordance with their API data usage policies.

Learn more about Data Security and Privacy here.

How to delete your Curiosity account

To delete your account details:
Access your account at
At the bottom left corner on the side panel, click on Account
Go to Account Preferences and click on Delete Account


🔐 All your data stays on your computer. We never see, copy, or store your data. We never sell any data.

🔐 For cloud apps, your computer communicates directly with your cloud providers (e.g. Google or Dropbox) to download your data. Nothing passes through our servers and we have no access to any of it. After the data is downloaded, everything else is done locally on your computer.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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