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How to get a discount for a non-profit organization

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer discounts for members of certain non-profit organizations.

💡 If you think your organization might qualify for a discount, please send us an email at using an email from your organization's domain.

How do I redeem a discount for my organization?

To get the discounted rates for non-profits:
Sign into the app using an email from your organization
In the left menu click Update and continue with the update procedure
The discount will be applied automatically during checkout and you can check it before finalizing the purchase

Help, I'm not seeing the discount message!

If you sign into the app and don't see the discount message:
Make sure you signed in with an email from an organization that has a discount
If you used the right email but you're still not seeing the discount message, please email us at

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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