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How to change the LLM (model) used in the AI Assistant

Why change which LLM is used in the AI Assistant?

In Curiosity you can select which Large Language Model (LLM) is used in the app.

You can currently choose between:
ChatGPT 3.5 (OpenAI)
ChatGPT 4 (OpenAI, pro feature)
Llama2 7B (on-device, needs 5GB disk space, beta)
Llama2 13B (on-device, needs 10GB disk space, beta)
Llama2 70B (on-device, needs 50GB disk space, beta)

ChatGPT is a powerful online LLLM system by OpenAI. Llama2 is an open-source LLM by Meta. The main differences are:
ChatGPT is a large, cloud hosted model. That means it may perform better in some cases. However, it requires some data to be sent to OpenAI. You can find out more here
Llama2 is run locally on your device. That means your data all stays local, but it means you have to download, store and run the model which requires a fast computer.

How to change which LLM is used in the AI Assistant

To change which LLM is used in the AI Assistant:
Go to Preferences (⚙️ icon in the left sidebar)
Click on AI Assistant in the left sidebar in Preferences
Select an LLM from the dropdown list (screenshot below)

How to change the LLM for the AI Assistant

Updated on: 08/12/2023

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