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How to block the AI-Assistant feature within my organization


If your organization would like to block the AI Assistant feature in the Curiosity App, it is possible to disable the feature by blocking network traffic to a specific URL associated with the AI Assistant functionality.

How to Block the AI Assistant

The AI Assistant communicates with the following URL: To prevent any data from leaving your company's environment via the AI Assistant, add a block rule to your proxy for requests to the above URL.

Example Rule
Block on:
Action: Deny all traffic

Make sure to only block the url ending with /openai, otherwise you might block other features of the app that require access to this URL, including the app license activation.

After configuring the block rule, apply the changes to your proxy server and perform a test to ensure that the AI Assistant feature is no longer accessible and that all attempts to communicate with the specified URL are blocked.

Users attempting to interact with the AI Assistant will receive an error message indicating that the service is unavailable.

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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