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What's on the Curiosity roadmap?

Do you have a public roadmap?

You can find our public roadmap here: Roadmap

The roadmap lets you see what we have planned for the next 6-12 months.

How can I make a suggestion?

If you have an idea for a new feature or integration, let us know. We'd love to hear from you! 😍

Post on our suggestions board

You can make suggestions by posting to our suggestions board.

There you can:
Upvote other people's suggestions
Add your own under `Create Post``

How to make a suggestion

Vote for integrations

If you have the Curiosity app installed, you can also vote for new integrations:
In the left bar, hover over Apps and click on the + (Connect more apps)
Scroll down to the app integration you want (or search for it)
Click Vote

If you want an app that isn't on the list yet, let us know on the suggestions board.

Get in touch with us directly

You can also get in touch with us directly:
Chat with us on our website
Email us at
Join our Slack community

We do our best to answer every message.

Updated on: 17/09/2022

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