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How to talk to files with the AI Assistant

With the AI Assistant in Curiosity, you can talk to your indexed files, ask questions about them, and get answers in seconds!
The replies come with automatic references from the document, for extra accuracy.

How to Talk to Files

To talk to files with the AI Assistant:

Find your file through the Search bar on the app
Click on it to preview the document
Click on the magic wand icon, Ask AI Assistant, on the top right.
Type your query about the file and press Enter

The answer will appear shortly, with a reference to where it was found on the document and a direct link to it.

⚠️ Your chats are not visible to us at Curiosity. However, they may be used by OpenAI according to their privacy policy.

💡 What is the privacy policy for the AI Assistant?

Updated on: 08/12/2023

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