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How to rename an App in Curiosity

Why rename an App in Curiosity?

Each app you connect to Curiosity is listed in the left sidebar under Apps, Email, or similar. If you connect several accounts from the same app - e.g. several Gmail accounts - it can get confusing which is which.

The solution is to rename your App. That will change the label used for the App in Curiosity (but of course nowhere else, so no worries).

Curiosity showing Apps in the left sidebar

How to rename an App

To change the label you see for an App in Curiosity:
Connect your app by following these guides
Hover over the App's name in the left sidebar and click the three dots next to the name (More), then click Manage
In the App management screen that appears, type the label you want
Optionally, add an image you want used as the App's icon
Remember to lick the save (💾) button
Close the App management screen by clicking on Close

The App will be re-labeled in the left sidebar. Search results from the App will also use the new label / icon.

💡 After re-labeling an App, you may need to quite and re-start Curiosity for the changes to appear.

How to reset the App's label

To reset an App's label in Curiosity:
Open the App management screen as described above (Hover over app in left sidebar > click 3 dots > click Manage)
To reset the icon, click on the App icon and click Reset (🔄) then click Save (💾)
To reset the label (name), click on the Reset (🔄) button next to the App name, then click Save (💾)

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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