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How to change the keyboard shortcuts

You can open Curiosity from anywhere using keyboard shortcuts.

Default Shortcuts

Command Bar: Alt + Space (Windows) or ⌥ + Space (Mac)
App: Alt + Ctrl + Space (Windows) or ⌥ + ⌘ + Space (Mac)

Why change the keyboard shortcuts

Depending on your setup, the shortcuts might conflict with another shortcut on your computer.
Or you might find that a different shortcut is more convenient.

How to change the keyboard shortcuts

To change the keyboard shortcuts:
In the left bar on the App, click the cog (⚙️) icon for Preferences
Scroll down to the section Shortcuts and click Change
Press the keys for your new shortcut (don't type their names)
If the shortcut is available, a Save button will appear - click on it to save your new shortcut
To change it back to the default shortcut, click Restore

Mac Users

For macOS, the app supports the modifier keys , , SHIFT, CTRL with the following shortcuts:
Modifier(s) + number
Modifier(s) + letter (only ASCII characters)

Not supported: Modifier(s) + special character (e.g. +, ?, etc.).

It is currently not possible to change the keyboard shortcut on macOS to ⌘ + Space (the default Spotlight shortcut).

Updated on: 20/02/2023

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