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Control your computer with the Command Bar

Quick desktop actions at your fingertips

Use the built-in launcher to perform quick actions on your desktop from the Command Bar, and take control of your computer with Curiosity.

What can you do with the launcher

Use Curiosity to:
Lock, Put to sleep, Shut down, or Restart your computer
Open Computer Management
Empty Bin or Temp folder
Show Desktop
Write a Note
Launch apps and open local folders
And, of course: Search and Connect apps, check your Calendar / Spaces / Inbox, Open or Exit Curiosity, and more.

💡 To see a list of commands, type . (period) on the Command Bar

How to control your PC with Curiosity

To control your computer with Curiosity:
Hit Alt+Space to open the Command Bar (⌥ + Space on Mac)
Type the action you want to perform, select it from the results and hit Enter

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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