This integration can import a table from your Airtable account as its own data type in your Curiosity application. For this example, we'll use the "regions.csv" file from the OurAirports open dataset, but you can configure this for any of your tables.

To get started, you will need from Airtables your table name, App ID and API key.

You can see the table name on the URL of your browser when you open your table:

This will be a value like the one highlighted above (i.e. tblZFi7s2LbrbYWpR).

For your App ID, visit the Airtable API page, select your table from the list, and copy the API key shown in the documentation page, as highlighted below. This value will look like this: appD6OKN******VT2

Finally, you'll need an API key. For that, open the Airtable Account page, and copy the value shown below:

The API key usually looks like this: key1AUkd*****gk6M.

Now you're ready to configure the integration on your Curiosity application.

Open your Integrations page and select Airtable from the list:

Set the required fields, and give your data type a name. In this example, we'll call our node type Region. You will need to also enter the column from Airtable that will be used as your Key field. This should be a unique identifier on your data that represents each row of data. In this example, we'll use the code field as our key.

Finally, click on Save, and on the Play button to immediately run your new integration.

You can navigate to your Data hub to see the imported data, configure how you want to use it for search, add a custom view, and more.

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