Node Schemas

You may add or remove fields from existing node types by clicking the menu button, then Settings, then Node Schemas, then scrolling down through the list to the User Defined schemas, clicking on one and then clicking the Edit Schema button.

Note: The Internal node types that appear before the User Defined types are not editable.

The Key field can not be renamed after a node type has been defined (and it is always a field of type string) but other fields can be deleted or new ones added.

Warning: If a field is deleted then all any data from that field in existing nodes will be lost.

Existing fields can not be changed; fields can not be renamed and the type of the field can not be altered.

Note: All nodes have a Timestamp field that is not part of the node schema. Depending upon your data model, you may wish to use this field to indicate when the data that the node describes was first created and to have additional Time fields in the schema for other dates such as "Last Updated". Alternatively, you may wish to use the Timestamp field to record the "Last Updated" value and to an additional field in the schema for "Created At". The Timestamp field is used in the Newest and Oldest sort orders that may be applied to search results (see "Sorting Results" for more information) and that may influence the decision.

To add a new field, enter a new unique field name into the Name input on the right, ensure that the Data Type (whether it's a string, integer, boolean, etc..), and Field Type (whether this field is a single value or multiple values, such as a list) are correct and then click Add Field.

To remove a field, click the bin icon in the appropriate row in the Fields list on the left.

No changes are saved until you click Update Schema.

Edge Schemas

In many cases, an edge does not require any data other than its type (eg. Appears In), which two nodes it connects, and in which direction the edge leads (all edges go from one node to another node). However, sometimes it may be useful to record further information for edges and this may be achieved by defining a schema for an edge type in a similar way to that in which schemas are defined for node types.

To do so, click the menu button, then Settings, then Edge Schemas, and scroll down the list to the User Defined schemas. Clicking on one and then click the Edit Schema button.

At this point, the interface works in precisely the same manner as the node schema editor.

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