A default Curiosity application displays the name "Curiosity" on the login page and in the top bar of the application at all times, along with the Curiosity logo. You can change these by clicking on the Curiosity menu and then Settings, Front-End, Branding.

Click on the App Name text to edit the text and when you have finished, click away from the text input and the change will be saved and the company name shown in the top bar will immediately be updated.

The Primary Color affects the titles, links, buttons, and various other items displayed throughout Curiosity. To change it, click on the bar that indicates the current colour and use the color picker to select the color that you want. As you move the mouse around the color picker, the change may be seen live on the titles on the current page. Click away from the color picker to save the change. As the company name in the top bar is a title, this will have already changed to reflect your selection.

To change the logo, click on the Click to select file button alongside the text box for the Logo (SVG format) and select an image from your computer. As with the application name, this change will be immediately applied and the new logo will be displayed in the top bar.

(Note: The "svg" format is recommended as it is a vector format that should ensure that the logo looks good rendered at any size - unlike raster graphic formats, such as "bmp" or "png")

These display settings (App Name, Primary Color, Logo) also affect the login screen. With the changes shown above, the login screen will look like this:

The logo is also used as the favicon for the site and so it is displayed in your browser tab title, as is the company name.

Finally, there is an option to upload a Terms of Service document (it must be a Microsoft Word file) that is appropriate for the usage of the Curiosity application in your organization.

To do so, click on the Click to select file button alongside the text box and select the file that you wish to use.

The Terms of Service are available by going to Settings and About for all Users. If you have not uploaded a custom document then a default one is presented here.

(Note: Your Curiosity application may be configured such that Users do not have access to Settings via the Curiosity menu button but all Users have access to the Settings page by clicking on their profile picture and then the Settings button at the bottom of the overlay)

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