Notifications are messages broadcast to Users of the Curiosity application, there will be a red dot over your profile image at the top right of the screen if there are any unread notifications for you.

To view them, click on the profile image -

There are two sources of notifications;

  • system-generated notifications

  • user-generated notifications

The system-generated notifications may come from things such as:

  • a failure with a scheduled data import task

  • a configuration problem with the system that needs addressing

  • a User flagging a node as obsolete

User-generated notifications can only be created by Admin Users or Users that have been granted the "Can Manage Notifications" role (see the Users article for details on specifying roles and permissions).

Creating notifications

Click the Curiosity menu button and then Settings and then Notifications.

Enter a Title and a Message.

Important: The message supports html (so you can include images or links to external documentation and apply any formatting that is required), be careful to enter valid content otherwise the message may not appear as you intended.

(Note: There is a preview facility described below that helps ensure that the content you enter will appear as you intended)

Notifications may be scoped in terms of:

  • whether they will be available forever (Expiration is left as Never expire) or whether they are a short term message (where Expiration is set to Expire after a month)

  • who can see them

Short lived notifications may be useful if you want to broadcast a message to Users of the system about an upgrade that introduces new features or if a new dataset has been imported that enables something new to be available. This sort of content becomes stale when the upgrade or new data is no longer "new" and so it makes sense to have the notification expire (meaning that it disappears from Users' notifications list whether they have read it or not). This also helps prevent the scenario where a new User logs into Curiosity for the first time and has a large backlog of notifications.

Non-expiring notifications may be useful if you want to have a welcome message that every User sees when they first log in, potentially containing useful external links and / or contact information.

To restrict which Users the notification is visible to, the Permissions toggle may be changed from Does not require Admin access to Only visible to Admins or it may be left at its default value and then individual Users be selected. If you do not change any of this (the Permissions toggle or the selected Users) then the notification will be available to everyone.

Once you have started populating the Title and / or Message fields, a preview of how the notification will appear to Users is shown underneath the User search -

This allows you to confirm that the html that you have entered for the Message field displays as you intend.

(Note: Any invalid html that is entered will be tidied up but there are no guarantees that it will appear as you first intended if this behaviour is relied upon - it's much better to always enter valid html)

Reading and deleting notifications

When you look at the list of notifications for you (by clicking on your profile picture), alongside each one is a Mark as read bell-with-a-line-through-it button to indicate that you have read it. Clicking it will make it disappear.

If you have multiple notifications and want to mark them all as read, rather than clicking them each individually, there is a Mark all as read button at the bottom of the list.

The "read" status of each notification is specific to your User account, so you marking it as read does not affect whether it should be considered read or not by anyone else - so other Users may still see the message.

If you need to remove a notification entirely for everyone then click the All active notifications menu option. This will ignore what notifications that you have marked as read and show all of the notifications in the system (unless they have expired). Alongside each entry is a Delete trash can button that will remove the notification entirely.

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