Boolean search queries can help you refine your search results, either by adding or removing unwanted results from the list.

Exact matches

Put search terms in between quotes to find an exact match, i.e. "moon":

Combining terms

Use the ampersand (&) or AND to combine search terms, i.e. "space AND national":

Alternative terms

Use the line (|) or OR to match either item, i.e. "space OR national":

Grouping terms

Use parentheses to group search terms, i.e. "moon (space | national)":

Excluding terms

Use the exclamation mark (!) or NOT to exclude a search term, i.e. "moon NOT space":

Partial matches

Put search terms in between asterisks to find a partial match, i.e. "moon *space*":


Type abbreviation in upper case to get them recognized, i.e. "NASA":


Hover over a word with (+ X) next to it to view and edit synonyms & suggestions, i.e. "moon (+2)", and to manually add your own

You can always see your last search results and tips on how to search by clicking on the empty search box:

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