If your team's cloud drives are enabled by the systems admin, you can authorize access to your personal data within that storage as well. This will allow you to search all of your files on Curiosity. You are still able to search shared files in your team, even if you do not authorize access to your personal files.

Step 1: Navigate to the settings page and select Data Sources. The settings page shows data sources which the systems admin has configured for this system. Each data source has to be authorized individually. For instance, if your team has access to two different Dropboxes, you need to authorize both.

Step 2: Start the authorization flow of a data source by clicking on the Authorize button. You are then redirected to the consent screen of the data source.

Step 3: After allowing access to your data, you will be redirected back to Curiosity. The data source will now show as authorized (the Authorize button is now a key).

Step 4: Repeat the same steps for the other data sources until all sources are authorized.

Step 5: You must wait until the next import of the data source runs for your just-authorized data to appear. The frequency is defined by your systems admin. The default is for data sources to be imported each night.

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