Knowing how to search on your Curiosity application will help you find your results faster and more effectively.

The easiest way to use the search box is to type what you want to search, and press Enter to search. To focus on the search box from anywhere in the interface, you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Space.

As you type, the application will suggest you known entities and terms from your data, you can select them as you type by using the Up and Down keys followed by Enter to select, or clicking on them using the mouse.

You can refine the results to a specific time frame directly from the search box, just type. A few examples of supported time searches:

  • since 2010

  • between march 2010 and now

  • since last week

Click on the dropdown next to the search box to select where you'll be searching. You might have more options here depending on how your system is configured:

The Search Syntax

As for the syntax, both text form and numbers are readable for the search box.

It is not necessary to separate the search terms with a comma or the like, the intelligent search box can differentiate the terms from one another and search specifically for the required criteria:

If you want to go back to your recent searches, just click in the empty search box, the last search entries are displayed. It also provides you with tips on how to search:

Shortcuts available on Search Box

Shortcuts are available using the format shortcut:value.

Enter is: to filter for data type:

Enter src: to filter by source:

Enter ext: to filter by file extension:

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