The use of entities is a very helpful tool to narrow down the search results and will improve the relevance of your results with content that is related to the entity in your knowledge graph.

Depending on how your Curiosity app is configured, you might see suggestions for known entities when typing on the search box. You can select them from the suggested list, or finish typing and get them recognized automatically (if that does not happen, let your administrator known).

When you search for a known entity, you'll see it highlighted as so in the search box. Hover the word to see what it was recognized as.:

If you prefer to search for the raw text only (in case it was misrecognized for example), you can click on the Search just the text instead button.

If you only searched for a single entity (in this example Mars), then the first search result will be this entity, followed by results that are related to the entity:

You can also use multiple entities in one search, and combine it with other natural language filters such as searching for time periods:

If you have any suggestions on new entities to be captured in your data, let your administrator know - as this will improve your and other users search experience!

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