Groups of Users maybe assigned to Teams so that specifying node level permissions can be done by allowing through any combination of access by particular Users and / or access particular Teams.

When dealing with larger numbers of Users, this can be a great help in keeping permissions consistent. Furthermore, it may be helpful to specify appropriate Teams even before all of the User accounts are available so that permissions to nodes may be configured and particular Users may be added to those Teams in the future.

Users may be a member of zero, one or multiple Teams.

To manage Team membership, open the Curiosity menu and then click Settings and then Accounts and then Teams.

This will present you with:

  • a list of any Teams that your User is a member of (on the left)

  • a list of all Teams (on the right)

  • + New Team button

Click on the name of a Team to -

  • see who is assigned to it currently

  • to change who is assigned to it currently (by clicking Manage Members)

  • to view all files imported privately for this Team (once Teams have been created, it is possible to upload files as private to that Team, as opposed to private to the current User or public to everyone)

  • delete the Team entirely (this will delete only the Team itself, it will not delete any of the assigned Users or files that were uploaded as private to that Team)

Note that, as Users may be members of multiple Teams, uploaded files may be "owned" by multiple Teams. However, if there are any files that are only owned by a single Team and you delete that Team then there will now be nobody in the system that has access to the node.

(It would be possible to fix a "no existing User in the system has access to this node" problem via the Shell, where Admin Users can directly change the graph but the details of how that would be achieved are outside the scope of this article)

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