To avoid that too specific terms hinder your search, there is the possibility to search for acronyms and abbreviations. These are automatically learned when new data is added on your system.

Searching with Abbreviations and Acronyms

When searching on your data, type your Abbreviations and Acronyms in UPPER-CASE on the search box, and Curiosity will automatically expand your search with the meaning of the abbreviations and acronyms. As an example, a search for JSC on one of our online demos expands the search query with multiple abbreviations:

You might also see some mistakes or bad abbreviation descriptions that were learned from your data - you can help improve your search results by clicking on the terms that are not relevant to your search and moving them out of the "Also searching" expansions:

Your search will refresh automatically when you change the search expansions.

Exploring all Abbreviations and Acronyms

You can see a list of all abbreviations and acronyms by clicking on the menu button on the left side of your screen:

Now click on the "Acronyms" section to access to your recent items:

Now can then see all the abbreviations and acronyms that were learned from your data.

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