To access your account settings, click on your user name on the upper right corner:

Click on Settings:

And then open the Accounts settings:

In this settings page you can change your first and last name, email, preferred language (beta), upload a photo and change your password or configure two-factor-authentication when supported.

Note: You're not allowed to change your user-name.

Update your user information

To change information, hover the text and click on the Edit button that will appear next to it:

Interface Language

To change your user interface language, click on the dropdown and choose the language you want your interface in:

Note: Currently only English is officially supported, with other translations being worked on. If you have any improvements to suggest, please reach out to us!

Change your password

Click on "Change Password" on the lower left side of the profile window.

Type your current password on the first box, and the new one in the other two boxes. Click on Confirm to save it.

The minimum password length is usually 10 characters.

Change your Profile Picture

To change your profile picture, click in the Folder Icon in the Account Settings page:

Select then your desired photo from your computer. Make sure that the picture you want to upload is a jpg file, otherwise you won't be able to upload it.

Your new picture will now be displayed next to your name on your screen, and for other users in your system.

Configure Data Sources to allow access to your files

See here how you can enable more data sources for your files.

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