In order for your data to be searchable by users, it must first be transformed into text and then indexed. The Full Text settings helps you configure search for all the data types and fields in your Curiosity system.

(Note: Text Search can also be enabled for a node type when you have that node type open in the Data Hub - the list view is more convenient when you want to enable search on multiple node types at once but the Data Hub alternative is useful when you come to add new node types in the future and want to enable Text Search for them)

The list show in this interface represents all data types that are indexed within your system. The ones marked as "Searchable" will be included by default on users' search results, while the ones marked as "Not Searchable" will not be included by default - but might still need to be indexed for search so they can be searched elsewhere in your system - like a custom endpoint or a custom data view.

To toggle between searchable / not searchable, simply click on the option on the list.

Adding more data types

Click on the Add More button to open the list of available data types that can be searched in your system:

From this interface, you can select any combination of data type and fields that you would like to index for search:

Remember that it is only relevant to index for text search relevant fields on your data. If you would like to use a field for filtering, configure instead it as a Property Facet.

Examples of fields that are not relevant for search but should instead be used for filtering are string flags like "Approved" / "Not Approved", or "Open" / "Closed"


Curiosity uses behind the scenes a tailored built algorithm for scoring your search results, that takes into account the relevancy against your search query and synonyms, feedback from users searches, connectivity in your knowledge graph and how recent each search result is. From this list, you can also influence this ranking by adding multipliers to the scores of each data type and field. For example you might want to make a Title field more relevant for your results scoring, or demote other data types that might not be so useful for your users. You can use the [+] and [-] buttons for changing the multipliers instantly.

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