We know sometimes documents in a team or enterprise can get out of date, and how annoying it is to keep finding the same results over and over, without knowing for sure if they're still valid. If you think a result is outdated, you can easily flag it using the Feedback button.

Once you open the Feedback panel, you can add any comments. If the option is enabled by your administrator, you can also report an item as obsolete - use the link available just under the comment area:

Once you click on it, you'll be able to add some more information about why you think the item is outdated. You can also add a link to any information or other search result, that will appear together with your "outdated" comment, so that other users can understand the reason for the flag.

If you would like to use another item from your search results, the easiest way to get a link to it is to duplicate your current tab on your browser and search for the correct item. Just right click on the tab title and click on Duplicate tab.

Once you submit your feedback, you'll be able to see it in the comments list:

The card on your search results will also be updated to reflect the "Obsolete". You can always click on the flag to open the Feedback panel and see all comments on the item.

Removing an obsolete flag

If you believe a flag was added by mistake, you can use the "Remove Obsolete Flag" link that will appear for items flagged as obsolete:

The process there is the same, add your justification and any link you might find relevant:

A new comment will appear on the Feedback panel for that item, with the reason for removal. Any previous obsolete comments will be left in place for future reference, but marked as not valid anymore.

Filtering Obsolete Results

You can filter for Obsolete or Not Obsolete results using the "Status" filter. This filter will only appear if there are any results for your search query that have been flagged as obsolete by you or other users.

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