Collections are a great way to save some of your search results for later access. They can be easily created directly from your search results, or accessed using the menu button on the top left corner. Unlike bookmarks, collections can be used to organize your saved results in groups.

Accessing the collections interface

Creating a new collection

You can create a new collection directly from your search results. Click on the Bookmarks & Collections button on the bottom right of the result card:

Then click on the option Add to collection

You can now select any of your existing collections, or create a new collection with the New Collection button on the bottom:

For a new collection, you'll need to give it a name (we'll pre-fill it from your search query if you had any):

And you can decide if this will be a private collection (i.e. only your user can see and add items to it), or a public collection (i.e. all users can see and add items to it).

Note: Team collections are not yet supported.

Add multiple items to a collection

Once you added an item to a collection, we'll show a shortcut of your most-recent collection on the Bookmark & Collections menu. Click on it to directly add the next search result to the same collection.

Remove an item from a collection

You can remove an item from a collection in two ways. First, from the search results, click on the Bookmark & Collections button: it will show all collections the item is part of. You can click on the name of the collection to open it, or on the red X button to remove the item from that collection.

From the collection interface, you can also remove items using the X button on the left side of the collections list:

Editing a collection name & visibility

To rename a collection, open it and click on the pencil button on the title bar:

Collections names do not need to be unique, and you can also add a description to remember what this collection is all about. You can also change the visibility of the collection from private to public here.

Filtering search results by Collection

If you are later searching for something, and would like to filter your search results to any of your collections, you can use the "Collection" facet, as shown below:

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