Setting up a folder crawler is an easy way to import data that is accessible to the server instance. This could e.g. be from a local hard drive or a network drive. If you want to upload local data to e.g. a cloud instance, using the cli is a good way to do it.

Setting up a Folder Crawler using the Admin UI

  • Navigate to The Data Sources Hub

  • Open the Folder Data Source

  • Add a Folder Data Source

  • Add a name for this source in the Source field and the absolut path the the data folder in the Path field. The Name field identifies a Task that runs the given schedule, whereas the Source will show up as data source in the search system.
    If you want to restrict the filetypes, add the MIME Types you want to ingest into the system.

  • Press Save to save the scheduled task.

  • Press the Run Once button to run the task immediately. The file ingestion will then run on the given schedule.

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