Note: This function might be disabled by your administrator on your system.

To upload a file in your Curiosity application, click on the upper left corner menu and click on the Upload option:

A new area will open for you to add your files:

Click on the "Target" field if you want to change the rights of your uploaded documents between private and public. You should decide if the files will be public or private before you upload any files.

You can then add one or more files either by dragging and dropping them in the area, or your can click on it to open the file selection.

The window will now show you the upload progress, and once done, which files have already been already uploaded. You can still add more files if you want.

You can click on "Delete" if you uploaded any file by mistake:

To find files uploaded by you again, click on the dropdown next to the search box, and select My Files.

You can view and search on all your uploaded files and use the same functions as for all other documents:

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