Note: The Curiosity Command Line Interface (CLI) tool provides a way to ingest data from a local or network drive and to optionally monitor that location for changes, such that they may be reflected in the Curiosity system. However, if your Curiosity system is situation somewhere has access to the drive then it may be easier to create a Folder Task instead.

Ingesting data using the CLI

Firstly, if you do not already have the Curiosity CLI installed and configured with an access token, please follow the steps in the "Curiosity.CLI" article.

Run the following command to start the file ingestion:

curiosity-cli upload-folder -s http://<SERVER_URL>/api/ -t <TOKEN or auto> -p <ABSOLUTE_PATH_DATA_ROOT> 

This command ingests all files in the given ABSOLUTE_PATH_DATA_ROOT folder and its subfolders.

If you stored the token locally, use auto instead of the actual token. The locally stored token for the given URL is then used.

(optional) Keep a directory in Sync

Run the following command to start an initial file ingestion and then continue monitoring the given folder for changes. Changes, such file renames, deletions or moves within the folder and its subfolders will be reflected in the Curiosity system while the CLI is running.

curiosity-cli monitor -s http://<SERVER_URL>/api/ -t <TOKEN or auto> -p <ABSOLUTE_PATH_DATA_ROOT>

While the file content is extracted and indexed, take a look at these next steps:

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