The Data Hub centralizes most of the data-related configuration tasks such as search, facets, entity extraction, entity linking, among others. It is accessible by both Administrators and normal users (but is usually hidden from the normal user interface unless you add a link to https://{your url}/#/data/ on the side bar. Non-admin users also have a limited access to the interface, though they might not see all of the data due to access control.

To access the data-hub, click on the Menu > Data Hub:

Accessing the data hub

This will open the following interface:

Data Hub interface

The list of data types shows both Protected Node Types and User-defined Node Types. Not all protected node types are visible in this interface.

Click on any of the data types in the list to open the Data View for that node type:

By default, the Data View will open on the Overview page, where you can see how many nodes of the selected type exist in your graph, and how they connect to other nodes in the graph. This page also shows an estimate of how much storage space is used by the node type.

For more information about the facilities available in the Data Hub, see the articles in the Search Experience section, such as:

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