Scheduled Tasks come under three categories:

  • Data Connector tasks

  • Backup tasks

  • General tasks

Data Connector tasks are responsible for imports from external systems (and are created in the Sources Hub), Backup tasks (which are created in Settings / Backup & Restore), and General tasks which perform Curiosity-specific functions (which are created in Settings / Scheduling).

The status and configuration of the tasks may be viewed and edited in the screens where they were created or by navigating to Settings / Scheduling, which shows a consolidated list of all tasks.

When most types are task are created, a default schedule of running at 1am each night is set but you may change that when creating them or at any time after.

To change a task (or adjust other settings for a task), click the Edit (pencil) button

For more information about setting the "Cron" schedule, see the "Overview" in this wikipedia article (as you edit the schedule text, a natural language interpretation will be displayed underneath the text box - or an "Invalid cron expression warning").

To run a task outside of its schedule, click the Play button.

If a task has previously run to completion (whether it succeeded or encountered an error during its work) then the status from its last attempt will be displayed, along with the time at which that work ended.

When a task is currently running, its status is live-updated in the task list.

For more information about a task's last execution or its current execution, click on the Logs (five lines) button. If a task is currently running then this is also live-updated.

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