If you have installed Curiosity yourself, when you start it up you will see this message:

In order to move beyond the evaluation phase, you must obtain a license from us (see our pricing page for more details).

(If you are not evaluating a self-installed Curiosity application because you already have an agreement or contract with us then there is a good chance that we will have configured the license for you and you do not need to worry about this article)

License information consists of two parts:

  • the name of the entity (such as a company or an individual) that it is for use by

  • a long string that has encrypted information relating to your purchased license

There are two primary ways to obtain one:

Whichever approach you take, you need to navigate to the License settings page by clicking on the Curiosity menu button and then Settings and then Maintenance and then License.

From here you can enter license details if you already have them or you can use the Subscribe button to purchase on directly.

When you have your license information, click on Import License.

Enter the two pieces of license information into the two text boxes. If they are both correct and the Licensed To value corresponds to the License string then you will see a summary in the License information area at the bottom of the popup and the Save button will become enabled -

Click Save.

You will now see the TRIAL MODE message that was present before has disappeared and the details relating to your license are displayed.

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