Curiosity supports configuration via environment variables that are passed to the Docker container, command like arguments or a YAML config file curiosity.yml for local installations (i.e. Windows, macOS or Linux), . which needs to be located in the installation folder.

Configuration Variables

Ports & Certificates

  • MSK_PORT=8080 port for the server to listen for http/https connections.

  • optional MSK_CERT_SELF_SIGNED=true enables HTTPS using a self-signed certificate

  • optional MSK_CERT_FILE=/path/to/certificate.crt enables HTTPS using an existing certificate (this can also be configured directly in the user-interface). If your certificate is password protected, you'll need to pass the password using MSK_CERT_PWD

  • optional MSK_SERVER_BASE_PATH=/myapp Changes the root path in which the server listens for connections - i.e. to http://localhost/myapp for example. Defaults to /.

Data Storage

  • MSK_GRAPH_STORAGE=/data/storage/ base path where the graph database, models and associated files will be stored. In case you don't use the variables below, it will also contain the front-end code and database write-ahead journal files.

  • optional MSK_WWW_FOLDER=/data/www overwrite the storage location for the front-end files.

  • optional MSK_GRAPH_JOURNAL_FOLDER=/data/journal/ overwrite the storage location for the write-ahead journal

  • optional MSK_GRAPH_TEMP_FOLDER=/tmp/ overwrite the storage location for temporary files.

License (optional)

The following two variables when used together set the license to be used by the system. This can also be done once the system is up and running during the initial setup and later in the License Settings page.

  • optional MSK_LICENSE=MyCompanyName

  • optional MSK_LICENSED_TO=MyLicenseToken

Backup (optional)

Configure the location where incremental backups of the graph data will be stored. If set, this will automatically add a scheduled backup task to run once a day at night. You can configure this task in the Scheduled Tasks Settings page.

  • MSK_GRAPH_BACKUP_FOLDER=/data/backup/

Data Encryption (optional)

  • MSK_GRAPH_MASTER_KEY=Base64EncodedEncryptionKey Enable full graph encryption. Check the article on data encryption for more information on how to create one.

Administrator Account (optional)

You can reset the administrator account in case you changed it by mistake, by setting the variables below together.

  • MSK_ADMIN_USER=admin


  • MSK_ADMIN_PASSWORD=AdministratorPassword

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