Why change the keyboard shortcuts

You can open Curiosity from anywhere using keyboard shortcuts:
Command Bar: Alt + Space (Windows) or ⌥ + Space (Mac)
App: Alt + Ctrl + Space (Windows) or ⌥ + ⌘ + Space (Mac)

Depending on your setup, the shortcuts might conflict with another shortcut on your computer. Or, you might find different shortcuts more convenient.

How to change the keyboard shortcuts

To change the keyboard shortcuts:
In the left bar, click on the cog (⚙️) icon for Preferences
Scroll down to the section on Shortcuts and click the button on Change
Press the keys in your new shortcut (don't type their names)
If the shortcut is available, a Save button will appear - click on it to save your new shortcut
To change back to the default shortcut click on Restore

⌘ + Space on macOS: Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to change the keyboard shortcut on Mac to ⌘ + Space (the default Spotlight shortcut).

For macOS the app supports the following shortcuts with the modifier keys , , SHIFT, CTRL
Supported: Modifier(s) + number
Supported: Modifier(s) + letter (only ASCII characters)
Not supported: Modifier(s) + special character (e.g. +, ?, etc.)
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